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Minecraft Secret Block IDs

Minecraft Secret Block IDs

May 2, 2014

If you weren’t aware, Minecraft has a collection of “secret” blocks hidden within it’s files! Here’s how you can use them to add some conversation pieces to your next Minecraft base! The first thing you’ll need to know is how to use these Minecraft Secret Block IDs:

/setblock ~ ~ ~ ID DataValue

Example: If the ID is 33:7 you type /setblock ~ ~ ~ 33 7

Minecraft Invisible Block:

ID : 36
Physics : Transparent and disappears after block update

ID : 34:6 34:7
Physics : Transparent and changes shapes constantly; also gives an “internal server error” when broken in creative

Piston Secret Blocks
Name Block ID
Every Side Piston Head 33:07:00
Every Side Sticky Piston Head 29:07:00
Piston Head 34 = Down
34:1 = Up
34:2 = North
34:3 = South
34:4 = West
34:5 = East


Pumpkin Secret Blocks
Name Block ID
Faceless Pumpkin 86:04:00
Faceless Jack o’ Lantern 91:04:00


Mushroom Based Secret Minecraft Blocks
Name Secret Block ID
Mushroom Block 99 , 100
Red Mushroom Cap
(fully covered)
Brown Mushroom Cap
(fully covered)
Mushroom Stem 99:10 , 100:10
Fully Covered Mushroom Stem 99:15 , 100:15


Misc Secret Blocks:
Name Block ID
Square Nether Portal 90:03:00
Burning Furnace 62
Bed Block 26
Filled Cauldron 118:1
(1/3 filled)118:2
(2/3 filled)118:3

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