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Rising World Full Item List

Rising World Full Item List

Oct 29, 2015

ThisĀ Rising World Full Item List contains every item in the game, as far as I am aware. It also contains the Item IDs and commands needed to spawn said item(s). Please note that spawning some of the blocks directly (and some of the items and other things) can and will corrupt your world file. The best way to avoid this is to stick to spawning basic items or elements whenever possible, and craft your way to more advanced items.

Rising World Grills:
Fireplace: object fireplace
Cooking grill: object fireplacegrill – Must be placed over fireplace
Cooking pot (grill): object fireplacecookingpot – Must be placed over fireplace
Modern grill: object grill
Smoker: object smokergrill

Rising World Animals (Spawn an animal in front of you):
Goat: spawnnpc goat
Pig: spawnnpc pig
Cow: spawnnpc cow
Sheep: spawnnpc sheep
Elk: spawnnpc moose
Fox: spawnnpc fox
Rabbit: spawnnpc rabbit
Bear – obviously prepare yourself to run or enable peaceful mode when using spawnnpc bear !

Rising World Resources:
Lumber: item lumber 64
Stick: item stick 64
Lightbulbs: item lightbulb 64
Fluorescent lamp: item fluorescentlamp 64

Rising World Environment:
Dirt: item ore 64 1
Grass (2d texture only): item ore 64 2
Stone: item ore 64 3
Gravel (unused): item ore 64 4
Farmland: item ore 64 6
Mud (unused): item ore 64 7
Snow (unused): item ore 64 8
Sand (unused): item ore 64 9
Dry dirt (unused): item ore 64 10
Sandstone (unused): item ore 64 11
Clay (unused): item ore 64 12
Untitled #1 (looks a bit like the stone blocks): item ore 64 13
Untitled #2 (looks a bit like the stone blocks): item ore 64 14
Stone right from hell: item ore 64 16

Rising World Ores (can not be placed):
Coal (unused): item ore 64 15
Iron: item ore 64 -101
Copper: item ore 64 -102
Aluminium: item ore 64 -103
Silver: item ore 64 -104
Gold: item ore 64 -105
Tungsten: item ore 64 -106
Cobbalt: item ore 64 -107

Rising World Crafting stations:
Workbench: object workbench
Sawbench: object sawmill
Blockbench: object blockbench
Anvil: object anvil
Furnace: object furnace

Rising World Lights:
Torchs: item torch 32
Flashlight: item flashlight 1
Penlight: item sticklight 1
Torchmount: item torchmount 64
Torchmount for walls: item torchwallmount 64
Wooden torchmount: item torchwoodmount 1
Gardentorchs: item bambootorch 16
Jackolantern: item jackolantern 1
Big metal torch: object bigmetaltorch1 1
Modern ground lamp: object lamp2 1
Modern stick lamp: object lamp4 1
Big vasetorch (weeeeeeeeeee): object vasetorch1 1
Big stonetorch :D : object stonetorch1 1
Pillar stone torch: object stonetorch2 1
Lantern: object lantern1t 1
Obscure lantern: object lantern1g 1
Round lantern: object lantern2t 1
Obscure round lantern: object lantern2g 1

Rising World Tools:
Pickaxe: item pickaxe 1
Axe: item axe 1
Sickle: item sickle 1
Scythe: item scythe 1
Rake: item rake 1
Sledgehammer: item sledgehammer 1
Hoe: item hoe 1
Blueprints: item blueprint 1

Components for tools:
Pickaxehead: item pickaxehead 4
Axehead: item axehead 4
Sickleblade: item sickleblade 4
Scytheblade: item scytheblade 4
Rakehead: item rakehead 4
Sledgehammerhead: item sledgehammerhead 4

Rising World Utilities:
Clock: item clock 1
Compass: item compass 1

Rising World Weapons:
Sword: item swordiron 1
Battleaxe: item battleaxe 1
Hunting knife: item huntingknife 1
Rolling pin: item rollingpin 1
Morningstar: item morningstar 1

Components for weapons:
Morningstarhead: item morningstarhead 1

Other items:
Poster: item poster 1

Metal components:
Ironplate: item ironplate 64
Ironrods: item ironrod 64
Copper plates: item copperplate 64
Copper rods: item copperrod 64
Aluminium plates: item aluminiumplate 64
Aluminium rods: item aluminiumrod 64
Silver plates: item silverplate 64
Silver rods: item silverrod 64
Gold plates: item goldplate 64
Gold rods: item goldrod 64
Tungsten plates: item tungstenplate 64
Tungsten rods: item tungstenrod 64

Construction elements:
Woodplanks: item woodplank 64
Woodbeams: item woodbeam 64
Glasspanes: item glasspane 64
Windows: item windowX 64 – Replace X with 1-4
A unreleased version of a triangle made out of woodplanks (can be sized and rotated as well): item woodplanktriangle 64

Apples: item apple 32
Watermelon: item watermelon 1
Slices of watermelon: item watermelonpiece 8

Raw bacon: item baconraw 16
Cooked bacon: item baconcooked 16
Burned bacon: item baconburned 16
Raw beefsteak: item beefsteakraw 8
Cooked beefsteak: item beefsteakcooked 8
Burned beefsteak: item beefsteakburned 8
Raw ribs: item ribsraw 1
Cooked ribs: item ribscooked 1
Burned ribs: item ribsburned 1

Tomatoes: item tomato 32
Carrots: item carrot 32

Tent in a bag: item tentbag 1
Shelter: item shelter 1

Plants (can not spawn other plants it seems):
Pumpkins: item pumpkin 1

Purple: item flower1 64
White: item flower2 64
Orange: item flower3 64
Blue: item flower4 64
Yellow: item flower5 64
Red_51: item flower6 64

Not yet working:
Night-vision goggles: item nvg 1
Wooden hammer: item mallet 1
Map: item map 1
Flare: item flare 1
Toolbox: item toolbox 1
TNT: item tnt 1
Pumpkinseeds: item pumpkinseed 64
Watermelonseeds: item watermelonseed 64
Tomahawk: item tomahawk2 1
Two-sided Tomahawk: item tomahawk1 1

Dirt: item ore 64
Stone: item ore 64 3
Treelogs: item treelog 32
Lumber: item lumber 64

Maple saplings: item maplesapling 32
Pine saplings: item pinesapling 32
Carrots: item carrotsapling 64
Tomatoes: item tomatosapling 64

Table: object table 1
Wider but shorter table: object table2 1
Chair: object chair 1
Shelf: object shelf 1
Bed: object bed 1
Piano: object piano 1
Armchair: object armchair 1
Couch: object couch 1
Vase: object vase 1
Roundtable: object roundtable 1
Sidetable: object sidetable 1
Gardenchair: object gardenchair 1
Gardentable: object gardentable 1
Small gardentable: object gardentablesmall 1
Desk: object desk 1
Small table: object smalltable1 1
Round, small table: object smalltable2 1
Officechair: object officechair 1
Bench: object bench1 1
Small table: object smalltable3 1
Small triangle table: object smalltable4 1
Curtain: object curtain2x2 1
Window blind: object windowblind2x2 1
Radiator: object radiator 1

Kitchenet A: object counter1 1
Kitchenet B: object counter2 1
Kitchenet C: object counter3 1
Kitchenet corner: object countercorner 1
Kitchenet sink: object countersink 1
Half kitchenet: object counterhalf 1
Third kitchenet: object counterthird 1
Kitchenet open: object counteropen 1
Kitchenet table: object countertable 1

Toilet: object toilet1 1
Toiletpaper: object toiletpaper1 1
Sink: object lavatory1 1
Radiator: object radiatorbathroom 1

Modern: object shelf2 1
Improvised: object shelf3 1

Ladders (small on standard):
Wood: object ladder1 1
Old (wood): object ladder3 1
Metal: object ladder4 1

(Standard = random texture, you can stack multiple door, if you
re-enter the command – use the up arrow to get the last used command):
Single wooden door: object door1 1
Metal door: object door2 1
Broken metal door: object door2b 1

Bed: object bed 1
Wooden bed: object bedold 1
Metal: object bedmetal 1
Double metal bed: object bedmetaldouble 1

Old chest: object chestold1 1
Modern chest: object chestmodern1 1
Meta chest: object chestmetal1 1
Barrel: object barrelwood1

Gift: object gift 1
Marketstand: object marketstand 1
Ceilingfan: object ceilingfan 1
Large trashcan: object trashcan2 1
Small trashcan: object trashcan1 1
The wooden cross that spawns when someone dies: object grave1 1
Destroyed shelter: object shelter1b 1
Stone statue: object statue1 1
Wood throne: object throne1 1
Stone throne: object throne2 1

Even: object banister1 1
Even, high: object banister2 1
Slope: object banister1b 1
Handrail even: object banister2 1
Handrail slove: object banister2b 1
Rail 2X2: object graterail2x2 1
Grate 2X4: object grate2x4 1
Grate 2×2: object grate2x2 1
Grate 2X1: object grate2x1 1
Grate1X1: object grate1x1 1
Wood grate: object woodgrate2x2 1
Broken wood grate: object woodgrateb2x2 1

Cover 1X1: object vent1x1 1
Used cover 1X1: object ventb1x1 1
Cover 2X1: object vent2x1 1
Used cover 2X1: object ventb2x1 1

Iron: item ironingot 64
Copper (orange): item copperingot 64
Aluminium: item aluminiumingot 64
Silver: item silveringot 64
Gold: item goldingot 64
Cobalt (blue): item cobaltingot 64
Mithril (green): item mithrilingot 64
Orichlacum(brown): item orichalcumingot 64
Javanium (pink): item javaniumingot 64
Tungsten: item tungsteningot 64

Block variations:

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