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Rising World Item Spawn List

Rising World Item Spawn List

Oct 29, 2015

Rising World Item Spawn List Note: Some of the available items in the full Rising World Item Spawn List can corrupt (read: BREAK) your world file.
The best way to avoid this is to spawn basic elements and resources, and simply craft your way up to whatever items you need from there.




Console Commands

  • item <type/shape> <quantity> [variation]
    • Shapes (variations): block, cylinder, halfcylinder, ramp, stair1, stair2
    • type (no variation): treelog, lumber, stick, torch, clock, compass, ironsheet, ironrods, ironrodm, nvg, maplesapling, pinesapling, apple
    • Variations: is a number representing the texture

Rising World Item Spawn List 1 Rising World Item Spawn List 2 Rising World Item Spawn List 3

  • object <objectname>
    • Objects: workbench, sawmill, blockbench, anvil, piano
  • Useful examples:
    • Spawn Stack of Stone: item ore 64 3
    • Spawn Stack of Logs: item treelog 32
    • Spawn Tree Saplings:
      • item saplingapple 64
      • item saplingbirch 64
      • item saplinglemon 64
      • item saplingmaple 64
      • item saplingspruce 64
      • item saplingwillow 64
    • Spawn Crops:
      • item saplingsalad 64 (Lettuce)
      • item saplingpotato 64
      • item saplingcarrot 64
      • item saplingstrawberry 64
      • item saplingbroccoli 64
      • item saplingtomato 64
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